What do we do?

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We provide information, advice and support to disabled people and people with long term health conditions, who are already in jobs, or those who are looking for work. We do this by using plain English and remote accessible support to help people with impairments to remove the many extra barriers they face in work.


Our Work Advice Service has been running for many years, so we are very experienced in providing support to people with impairments. Additionally, we are all disabled people ourselves. We believe that it is this lived experience that helps us to provide you with relevant and accessible information, so that you can make an informed decision about what you want to do. We know that this is vital, as clients have told us that our information and support helps disabled people and people with long term health conditions to have more choice and control in their working lives.


Who do we support?

We can provide you with support at any stage in your career. You may just be starting to think about what you would like to do and need to find out about education or training that is available to you. Or it may be that you have been working for a number of years, but need some additional support because you are disabled or have a health condition. Either way, we can usually help you to resolve any difficulties you may be having with getting the information and support that you need to get or keep a job. We can also help if you are struggling at work because of an impairment and need some additional information about support and equipment that may be available to help.


Whatever your situation, if it is about work and you have an impairment, we can probably help! And if we are unable to give you an immediate answer, one of our advisors will research the topic and contact you or we will signpost you to an organisation that can provide the advice and information you need.


What sorts of issues do we cover?

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We know that each individual situation needs appropriate, relevant and accessible information and support. We have provided personal support to individuals by giving:

  • guidance on effective job hunting;
  • advice on how you can remove the barriers or difficulties you face, whilst at work or in training;
  • information about getting support from the Government (for example, from the Access to Work Scheme or from in work benefits);
  • information about telling your boss or work colleagues about your impairment;
  • information about how to talk to your employers if you are having difficulties; and
  • support if you want to start up a business, or if you are having trouble keeping your business going, because you are disabled or have a health condition.


So, if you need our support, or would like to know more about Work Helpline UK, please contact us.

Here’s what our clients said:

“We will never be able to thank your team enough for their continued support and for giving both of us our lives back. Their knowledge is astounding, their support incredible and their hope enlightening… Without your support, I can honestly say that my husband would not have returned to his previous employment.” Wife of a 25 year old client with an acquired traumatic brain injury
“I can honestly say that without your advice about money, our wellbeing as a family, who to ask for what and how to go about it, as well as your extensive knowledge of legislation, policy and guidance relating to impairment related issues, I do not know where we would be right now!” Administrator with complex health condition
“I just wanted to update you… my bosses are happy to trial the new arrangement I have suggested and we are going to look at it again in a month or two to ensure it is working for the service. Thank you very much for your help!!! This is such a weight off my mind - I can go back to enjoying work and having a good life/work balance again that is sustainable.” - Professional with CFS/ME